Ladies Fancy Dress Costumes – Six of the Best


As we are rapidly approaching Halloween I thought it might be a good idea to just update on our top choice for costumes with my six of the best. There is of course an absolute wealth of costumes out there much more than my six top choices and all are very good. My choice however was based on trying to be very specific in who we are rather than just a generic Nurse, Angel or Cowgirl Fancy Dress. This list is all about iconic characters easily recognisable and sure to be a smash hit at any party.

My six of the Best are as follow.

1. Betty Boop, not just my favourite and I am sure this is one we all agree on. With her overt sex appeal Betty was a hit with film-goers, first appearing in the 1930’s, she remains popular today and has become one of best known cartoon characters in the world. Hardly anybody does not instantly recognise Betty Boop “boop-oop-a-doop”.

2. Alice in Wonderland an amazing book by Lewis Carroll, a book which has never been out of print in over 150 years it has resulted in many movies and every child knows about the adventures of Alice. If we plan to have our very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, AKA dinner in my house every night, then Alice is the one to be.

3. Dorothy, The Wizard of OZ, did you start to sing Somewhere over the Rainbow the minute you read this name, well who would blame you the song is amazing the lyrics mesmerising and the journey of Dorothy unforgettable. This is one where all the family could have outfits from the various characters available.

4. Wonder Woman, I still remember Linda carter strutting her stuff as the female super hero, the boys had so many but along came Wonder Woman and finally we girls had our own on-screen heroine. A great choice and so recognisable.

5. Cat Woman, I think this was perhaps the first anti heroine and someone most women could understand. This outfit is so feline feminine it literary purrs.

6. Princess Leia, the greatest female of them all standing up to the Dark Empire who does not know and love Princess Leia. This costume is so cool and again so instantly recognisable and a great family favourite as there are so many characters all the family can have a Star Wars Fancy Dress.

I hope you like my top six Ladies Fancy dress Costumes even if you would have perhaps picked some other characters.

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