Painkillers overdose – What killed Jeremy?

Why did this 43-year-old man die? Watch this show and find out at the end. It also has ANTI-SMOKING COMMERCIALS to try to convince smokers to quit. I got the idea to do this when I was in IOPs and detoxes and rehabs. The counselor would play a video for us to learn about alcoholism and drug addition. Then after discussion, everyone would run outside on break and smoke! I felt that smoking is just as harmful as drugs and alcohol, so I thought up this concept. The counselor who plays this video will have a captive audience. If they want to see why this person died, they’re going to have to sit through the anti-smoking commercials. Of course, anyone can skip the commercials at any time, but to a counselor, this is a great tool to use. Enjoy!

P.S. – Counselors: SAVE IT because you never know when it will go away.
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