Piracetam Dosage Damian Alexander, MD discusses Piracetam Dosages


In this video I will discuss
Piracetam Dosages

Piracetam is a very old supplement
It was first synthesized in 1964 and it has over 800 published clinical trials
Documenting its benefits to the human brain and circulatory system
Because it has been in use for such a long
Piracetam is a supplement which is very clearly understood
With Piracetam more is better
Piracetam is not metabolized to any other substance
This means no extra work or burden is placed on the liver
And it is completely excreted via urine
Additionally it is completely non-toxic
The only problems which can appear with Piracetam are those due to it interacting with other drugs
Especially noted interactions are those with food additives such as aspartame and MSG
This is why Piracetam is best used on an empty stomach
It is a lot easier than checking the labels at every meal
As a guideline, use Piracetam on an empty stomach at least 1 hour before a meal or at least 3 hours after your last meal
You would ideally wait 6 hours after a heavy meal
Piracetam also interacts (synergistically) with blood thinners
Piracetam has a short 5 hour half life and this means it is best taken 3-4 times per day,
Rather than all at once
I will now give you a set of dosages which have been used with success in clinical trials
For cognitive enhancement:
Some people do feel effects at dosages as low as 800mg
But the usual dosage is 2,400 – 4,800 mg per day (in 3 divided doses)
An attack dose of 4000 to 8000 mg for the first 3 days is
Sometimes recommended because some people will not notice immediate effects
I do not favor the attack dose mentality
Because of potential intestinal irritation
And the fact that the very high doses will just flush through your system
However, it can be of use if you want to prove to yourself that
Piracetam does indeed work for rapid cognitive enhancement
For neuroprotective effects:
2400mg in 3 doses with water
For blood coagulation and clotting disorders: 4.8-9.6 grams in 3 doses at 8 hours apart
Generally speaking, you can increase your Piracetam dosage however much you like
As there is no toxicity and no impact on any organ
However, pay careful attention to synergies and interactions as you
May be able to reduce dosages and still get impressive improvements in performance
The upper range daily dosage of Piracetam is 24 grams per day

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