Coffee Dosage Damian Alexander, MD discusses Coffee Dosages

In this video I will discuss
Coffee Dosages
The main active ingredient in coffee
is caffeine
99% of orally ingested caffeine is absorbed
Caffeine is soluble in water and oil and readily crosses the blood-brain barrier
Peak plasma levels are obtained
in 15 to 45 minutes
A six ounce cup of brewed coffee
Usually has anywhere from 80 mg to 175 mg of caffeine,
And tea generally contains
between 50 mg to 100 mg of caffeine
The half-life for caffeine metabolism is typically 5-6 hours in an adult
This means that 12 hours after your
last cup
You will have some of that caffeine still exhibiting its effects
And blocking your ability to feel how tired you really are
And interfering with the sleep process
Caffeine increases brain metabolism by interfering with the work-rest-cycle of neurons
Aside from an increase in
adenosine receptor numbers
There is little tolerance or
adaptation to this effect
Tolerance is seen for blood
glucose elevation via caffeine,
Tolerance for blood glucose
elevation simply means that
As you grow accustomed to caffeine, it doesn’t elevate your blood sugar so much
But this effect is reduced or not observed in obese individuals or
Those suffering from type 2 diabetes
Caffeine can also kill you
The lethal dose is
150-200mg/kg of body weight
But this is subject to high individual variation
So much so that
Caffeine pills of just 2 grams
have been lethal
Personally, I stay away from any isolated or concentrated caffeine source
I advise against energy drinks, espressos,
fat burners, caffeine pills or the like, because
They deplete your body and
Because they can actually kill you
I make coffee with a coffee machine
and I always use paper filters
I use an Arabica blend for
its lower caffeine content and
I avoid espressos, instant coffees or other highly processed forms of caffeine
I never use energy drinks or caffeine pills
I use 1 leveled teaspoon of coffee in one cup of water
Note: I do use other caffeine containing products (mainly green tea)
But the total formula is balanced to offset caffeine’s negative effects
One last interesting thing to remember
Reducing steeping time reduces
caffeine content in brewed coffee and tea
What this means is
A coffee machine is better than brewing your own coffee on the stove
Because the resulting coffee
contains less caffeine
In this video we have discussed
Coffee Dosages and
A little bit about how to prevent problems associated with coffee use
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