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Oxycontin Withdrawal – John Walsh -Waismann Method

Oxycontin & Prescription Addiction

The Waismann Method was featured on the John Walsh Show with a patient that had undergone rapid opiate detoxification for an Oxycontin addiction. Ryan, describes how he first got introduced to Oxycontin at a friends’ house. His friend shared with Ryan a Oxycontin prescription that was written for his father for medical purposes. Ryan reports that after a few times using Oxycontin he became hooked to the drug.

Ryan says, ”You can crush it up, snort it and it’s courage , you feel like you can go out and take on the world.” He did anything to get the money for his drugs, including pawning things and stealing thousands of dollars from his parents. Ryan’s father accompanied him on the John Walsh show where he explained that after two years of living with Ryan’s addiction, he was obligated to kick him out of their home. They agreed to pay for a hotel to ensure Ryan had a roof over his head , but could not allow his addictive behavior to affect their home and siblings more than already had.

Ryan’s Lowest Point:

Ryan met another boy from Texas, after knowing him for just a couple of days, he invited him over to get high. The young man from Texas only used Oxycontin a few times in his life. Ryan however was shooting the drug into his body about 6 times a day and confessed ”It just made me feel normal, not high.” The boy from Texas began injecting himself with the Oxycontin filled syringe, suddenly became dazed and fell back lifelessly.

Ryan was in a panic, but still called 9-1-1 where the operator guided him through CPR and sent the appropriate help, they were finally able to revive the young man that had just suffered a drug overdose. This was the lowest point for Ryan and he knew it was time to change. His father said, “Ryan and his mother did hours of research and at 4 am they found the Waismann Institute on the internet.” Ryan’s father was extremely impressed with the unique approach Waismann center offered and states “It has worked for my son”.

With the help of the Waismann Method of Rapid Detox, Ryan was able to overcome Oxycontin dependency. If you or someone you know is suffering from an Oxycontin addiction give us a call to see how we can help you with our specialized rapid opiate detoxification.

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