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Rapid Detox – OxyContin Withdrawal & Addiction – Waismann Method – 3

Two months after undergoing Waismann Methods renowned opiate detoxification, a young man is visited by the news show 48 Hours and is still free from OxyContin addiction. This video clip shows Troy recovering in a hospital bed after the medical procedure that uses intravenous medications to cleanse opiate receptors. Prior to this, he couldnt go more than a few hours without taking the potent opiate painkiller.

This episode of 48 hours puts a spotlight on the growing number of cases of painkiller addiction that have skyrocketed in recent years. It also shows the flipside, where recovered patients offer hope that a life free of OxyContin addiction is possible. For more information about the Waismann Method you can call 888-987-4673 or visit https://www.rapiddetox.com/
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