Heroin Addiction: Can You Die From Withdrawal?


Are you addicted to heroin? If you having apprehensions on quitting due to this intriguing question, “Can you die from withdrawal?” Here are a few things you need to know about heroin abuse and addiction and side effects that could lead to heroin user’s fatality.

Heroin is a highly addictive and rapidly acting illegal drug that is the single most abused opiate in the United States. Heroin has one of the most serious addiction rates of all illegal drugs. Abusers of heroin have no way of knowing the actual strength of the heroin, nor do they know the true contents of the drug. For this reason, they are at a higher risk for overdose or death.

What is Heroin Withdrawal?

Heroin withdrawal occurs when the user decided to reduce or quit abruptly from use of this drug. The withdrawal symptoms from heroin may differ from one user to another and it’s crucial that a medical professional is there to supervise the withdrawal process. The attending doctor may also suggest undergoing therapy treatment after the medical detox from heroin to ensure the recovering addict full support on the mental aspect of this type of drug addiction problem.

What are the Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms?

Anyone suffering from heroin addiction will have to deal with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The moment the heroin user stops taking this drug, the withdrawal symptoms may become visible during the 6 to 24 hours of last use. The severity of withdrawal symptoms do vary and be dependent on the user’s amount of heroin used, length of usage as well as other factors like mixing it with other drugs or substances like alcohol.

The following are some of the expected withdrawal symptoms that can affect anyone with a case of heroin abused or addiction:

Feeling of restlessness

Chills or cold sweats


Frequent yawning

Feeling feverish



Body cramps

Painful erection of penis

Excessive sweating

Teary eyes


Other heroin users may experience latent withdrawal symptoms and be in the following complications:

Abdominal pain


Diluted pupils


Disturbance in sleep

Can you die from withdrawal?

Withdrawing from heroin will not be the cause of your death, but severe complications could be life threatening and may require immediate emergency assistance. Here are some of the serious side effects of the heroin withdrawal:


Respiratory problems

A seizure could lead to a respiratory failure and be the cause of a heroin user’s death. This is why it’s vital for anyone diagnosed with heroin addiction to seek professional help when planning to quit from heroin. With the expertise of a medical professional, the heroin user has higher percentage of coping with the unbearable and most painful withdrawal symptoms.

How to achieve a safe recovery from heroin addiction?

Heroin addiction is a complex case of addiction problem due to the effect of the drug to the user, both body and mind. If you want to achieve a safe recovery from heroin addiction, it’s advisable that you entrust the heroin withdrawal treatment under the care of a doctor, rehab specialist and psychiatrist. These people can really assure you of a safe recovery journey because they are fully equipped with knowledge, tools and skills to help you finish each phase of the rehab treatment program, from medical detox, therapies and other programs that are designed to treat the addiction as well as the underlying causes of this addiction problem like the trigger factors. Heroin addicts who opted to undergo a complete rehab treatment that combines medical approach with counseling and therapies are likely to recover from this addiction and living a sober life.

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