SAMe Dosage Damian Alexander, MD discusses S-Adenosyl Methionine Dosages

If you are chronically tired, then you should watch this video right now:

In this video I will discuss
SAMe Dosages
I will now give you a set of dosages
Which have shown results in various clinical studies
They will give you a reference point
And then I will show you how I recommend you use this supplement
For energy and mood:
200-800mg/day in 1-2 doses;
For arthritis and joint pain:
600-1200mg/day in 1-3 doses;
For bone and joint protection:
200-1200 mg/day;
For depression:
400-1600mg/day in 1-4 doses;
For liver diseases:
For cholestasis:
600-800mg/day have been used
All this being said, what I generally prescribe is 200-400mg/day in 1 dose
I don’t like big dosages
What I like to do is use low dosages and synergize with compatible substances
I believe this is best for two reasons:
1) It allows you to avoid side-effects and
2) It prevents the body from adapting to high dosages while at the same time safe-guarding against deficiency
That being said,
It is best practice to test out higher and lower dosages
And see where it is best for you
I am of the opinion it is better to err on
the side of lower dosages than higher
This of course depends on the substance we are discussing
In the case of SAMe, the best dosage
for daily long term use is:
200mg/day immediately after waking up
Regularity is key when it
comes to the human body
The more consistent you can be, the better
Try to use the same dosage, the same time of day and the same combination of supplements
For example
My course focuses on giving you a proven blueprint
Unless you are like me and enjoy experimenting in this area
I suggest you follow my guidelines exactly
They are the way they are
Because of over 10 years of trial and error
What I recommend you do is take
400mg/day of SAMe for the first 1 to 14days
When you notice increased feelings of well being and increased energy
Then reduce to 200mg/day
The reason I want you to do this is
So that you see and feel that SAMe works
After that, I prefer the lowest dosage,
Unless there is a specific condition such as disease or injury
In this video we have discussed
SAMe Dosages and
Some guidelines on how to get the most out of this supplement
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