Piracetam Side Effects Damian Alexander, MD discusses Piracetam Side Effects


In this video I will discuss
Piracetam Side Effects

Corneliu E. Giurgea was a Romanian psychologist and chemist who
In 1964 synthesized Piracetam
In other words, Piracetam is a designer drug and the first nootropic
Corneliu Giurgea wanted all nootropic drugs to have these characteristics:
A – to enhance learning and memory
B – to enhance the resistance of learned behaviors and memories to conditions which tend to disrupt them
C – to protect the brain against various physical or chemical injuries
D – to increase the efficacy of the tonic cortical/subcortical control mechanisms;
E – to lack the usual pharmacology of other psychotropic drugs (e.g. sedation, motor stimulation)
F – to possess very few side effects and extremely low toxicity
Unfortunately, not all substances currently classified as nootropics fulfill all these criteria
But Piracetam does
Piracetam is a literal pharmacological tool to enhance, protect and
Optimize normal neuro-psychological structures and function well into old age
It has over 30 years of clinical use and more than 800 studies have been published on it
Reported Side Effects:
Although there are no main side effects with taking Piracetam, there have been some reported
Reported side effects include an upset stomach, increased anxiety, insomnia,
Irritability, headaches, and nervousness
Magnesium and/or acetylcholine precursors
Can be taken to help reduce the previously mentioned Piracetam side effects
Splitting the dose can also prevent stomach upset
To heal the stomach lining use Glutamine
See the: “Glutamine Video Series”
Food additives monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame
Increase the likelihood of negative side effects
In terms of drug interactions
You may need to adjust the dosage of blood thinning medications
Such as Warfarin/Heparin
Because Piracetam is an anti-clotting agent
Pregnant or breast feeding women should not use Piracetam
In summary,
Hundreds of published studies document the ability of Piracetam to promote youthful neurologic function,
Including enhanced cellular protein synthesis and interhemispheric and intercellular communication
A key part of Piracetam specialness is its amazing lack of toxicity
Piracetam is remarkably well tolerated in humans through a wide range of doses
And No significant side effects have been observed
The reason for this is that Piracetam was designed to lack toxicity

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