Coffee Side Effects Damian Alexander, MD discusses Coffee Side Effects
In this video I will discuss
Coffee Side Effects
It is now time to discuss the bad things coffee does to you and me
Coffee leeches calcium from bones
and thus promotes osteoporosis
Coffee decreases sleep quality even without symptoms of insomnia
It thus inhibits your bodies’
main rejuvenation process
And doesn’t allow it to heal properly from that day’s wear and tear
This sort of damage accumulates
over time
Coffee can also cause anemia in women
and children by inhibiting absorption of iron
Men suffer far less from this problem
In high doses or in susceptible individuals
Coffee also causes anxiety, tremors, irritability, nervousness, agitation,
Headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears),
high blood pressure and palpitations
Some studies show an increase in heart disease risk associated with coffee use,
While others show no such relationship
One thing is clear however:
Coffee should never be used by people with diagnosed heart conditions
Likewise, coffee should be avoided by people with gastrointestinal problems,
Such as gastritis, colitis or ulcers
Coffee also stains your teeth
Another thing to keep in mind is that
Prolonged and excessive coffee use inevitably leads to adrenal gland exhaustion,
Pancreas exhaustion, heavy energy swings and chronic tiredness
I also need to warn you
about the difference between
Using caffeine on its own and using coffee
Caffeine pills of just 2 grams have been proven lethal
In contrast,
The lethal dose of caffeine when taken as coffee is equivalent to
10.5 to 14 grams for a 70kg person
(5x-7x less than the aforementioned 2 grams)
As a sidenote
This is why it is so amusing to hear
Some people concerned with the amount of supplements I take
There never has and never will be any death associated with glutamine,
Creatine, carnitine, coq10 or the other supplements I discuss in my system
Try to find a lethal dose for any of these
In stark contrast,
80% of people drink a proven to be lethal cocktail, every single day
In conclusion, I have to urge you to reduce your coffee and caffeine intake and
Replace it with energy boosting supplements which are comparatively free of side effects
This will protect you from burnout and
Allow you to keep coffee as a last resort measure
In this video we have discussed
Coffee Side Effects
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