Rapid Detox – OxyContin Withdrawal & Addiction – Waismann Method 2

In the 12 hours it will take Troy to get from his home to California for OxyContin detox, the young man makes a risky decision to shoot up in an airport bathroom to ward off withdrawal. This 48 Hours news clip shows the seriousness of opiate addiction and abuse. And Troy, like most people whove become dependent upon their prescription painkillers, does what he has to in order to avoid withdrawal.

Troy is undergoing rapid OxyContin detox offered by the Waismann Institute. In just over an hour, program doctors are able to end Troys physical dependence to OxyContin using a renowned medical procedure that cleanses the drug from his opiate receptors. This happens while Troy is lightly sedated, unaware that he is experiencing withdrawal.For more information about the waismann method visith https://www.rapiddetox.com/ or call 888-987-4673
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