A Glance at Different Types of Anxiety Medication

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As a psychological state, anxiety requires proper medical attention since it may largely affect the normal routine of the patient. With this, there are various types of anxiety medication which the experts make available.

Anxiety Disorder Explained

The term anxiety disorder refers to a psychological problem which manifests itself by means of a bunch of physical indicators. Researches reveal that a person’s brain biochemistry is held responsible in the development of such state of the mind. There are two major portions of the brain which contribute to it. They are the hippocampus and amygdala. They are considered to be among the anxiety initiators in the brain.

The types of anxiety medication which are commonly administered on the patient are relatively considered depending on the variant of the disorder. By and large, the following are the general classifications of anxiety disorders:

– Panic Disorder

– Social Anxiety Disorder

– Generalized Anxiety Disorder

– Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

– Simple Phobias

– Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Overall, the diagnosis of this disease is generally based on the manifested physical indications.

Unraveling the Types of Anxiety Medication

It doesn’t matter whether you have been on a combat with the disorder for months or years. The most important thing is that there are ways which you can resort to so that you will be provided with the relief that you need. Listed below are the common options that the sufferers of anxiety can turn to.

So much more, take a look at the following types of anxiety medication.

A List of Anti-Anxiety Drugs

Here are the classes of medication which are deemed to be effective in lifting the symptoms both for the mild and severe cases of anxiety disorder.

– Benzodiazepines

– Beta Blockers like Propanolol

– Diazepam or Valium

– Alprazolam or Xanax

– Lorazepam or Ativan

– Azipirones such as Buspirone

– Limbitrol

– Triavil

– Etrafon

– Clomipramine

– Inderol

– Fuoxetine

– Paroxetine

– Fluvoxamine

– Citolopram

– Isoprocarboxacid

– Tranylcypromine

– Phenelzine

These drugs actually help regulate the chemical imbalances and must only be taken with the expert care of a physician. Also, they can cause some negative side effects so better talk it over with your health care provider.

The Deal with Outpatient Therapy

There are trained therapists in your locale that you may consult regarding your problem. Since you are an outpatient, the therapy sessions will have to be scheduled within the week. The discussions are done to help you out in overcoming the anxiety predicament. You will be given strategies as well so that you can better cope up with the situation.

The In-patient Treatment

If what you are suffering from is the so-called aggressive anxiety disorder, the best thing to do is to submit yourself to a psychiatric institution. Only a guided program will work for you if you are constantly cared for by the trained specialists. Therapeutic sessions form part of the treatment program.

The types of anxiety medication vary. The prescribed treatment also depends on the severity of the case. Bear in mind that you should be the one to be in control of the situation and not the anxiety disorder to exercise its full control over you.

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