Cure Driving Anxiety Without Drugs

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For a person suffering from driving anxiety, fear of driving or driving phobia, a magic bullet in the form of a pill that you can swallow is a tempting prospect And, truth be told, there are very effective anti-anxiety medications that will alleviate the symptoms of this crippling condition. The problem is, a medication is a mask–it doesn’t solve anything–it only makes the symptoms go away. And while the sufferer may find this a real relief, the next day or the next driving situation will end up with the same miserable result.

There are other drawbacks to medications aimed at the elimination of driving anxiety. Typically the prescribed medicines for fear of driving or driving phobias are of the class known as benzodiazapines. This class of drugs includes Valium and Xanax among others. They are controlled substances and highly addictive. Furthermore, there are serious and stern warnings about driving while under the influence of these drugs. They can make a person somewhat woozy which is certainly not something you would want if you’re going to get behind the wheel.

Driving anxiety is a problem that needs to be addressed at its roots not something that should be masked by an easy chemical solution. The sufferer needs to be given the tools to control and conquer fear of driving. Like any phobia, driving anxiety first has to be acknowledged. The problem needs to be given a name. Often the mere act of admitting that there is a problem with fear of driving will go a long way to alleviating the problem. Driving phobia or anxiety can be very embarrassing. The sufferer thinks he or she is the only one in the history of the world who has ever experienced it. By naming the problem, the phobic driver takes the first and most important step to conquering this crippling affliction.

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