Is Xanax an FDA approved medication

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Xanax is a prescription drug that acts as a tranquilizer to treat anxiety, panic disorders, seizures and other conditions. It belongs to the benzodiazepine class of drugs which are used for treating insomnia or calming people who are stressed out. Xanax is an FDA approved medication which means that it benefits those facing the aforementioned problems.

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People are often curious about benefits of Xanax which include the following:

It is effective in treating anxiety disorders.

Many people who have an anxiety disorder also suffer from depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder and other problems. A benzodiazepine anti-anxiety medication like Xanax can help. Doctors prescribe it to control anxiety and panic attacks that may accompany depression or other disorders.

In addition, it benefits those suffering from PTSD.

If you have been a victim of an accident of assault, post-traumatic stress disorder can be crippling. Many times Xanax benefits people who are suffering from the aftermaths like nightmares, tension and possible flashbacks. Doctors will often prescribe a benzodiazepine medication to help with the anxiety and panic attacks that may accompany PTSD. It benefits people who have a fear of flying.

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People often suffer from intense trepidation when it comes to boarding an airplane, going for a ride in a car or riding in a subway train. In addition, they might also feel anxious when thinking about crowded places or traveling over bridges. Doctors prescribe Xanax benefits those who are afraid of flying because it reduces anxiety and stress that often accompanies these feelings.

It benefits people with sleeping disorders.

If you have problems sleeping, then Xanax benefits you because this benzodiazepine drug can help you sleep better. It calms the mind and reduces the stress that makes it difficult for you to sleep.

Xanax benefits people who have seizures.

People with epilepsy can benefit from Xanax because it helps control seizures caused by this condition. Doctors usually prescribe the drug in low doses that work to stop attacks while causing minimal side effects like drowsiness, headache or restlessness.

In addition, Xanax benefits those who have a hard time staying asleep.

If you have been having trouble sleeping at night due to stress or anxiety, then doctors prescribe this medication because it can help you sleep better. In many cases, people feel tired and drowsy the next morning after taking Xanax which benefits those who suffer from insomnia.

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